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April 7, 2014

American Z Line (AZL) announces new Illinois Central SD70s. AZL’s popular SD70 diesel model has been sold out for some time, this new standard cab version is the first of a series of new releases. Illinois Central is a new road name for AZL’s SD70 and four road numbers are available. The model includes a user applied optional snow plow. The model is painted black with white lettering and has yellow anti-climber, pilot step ends, and sill stripe following the look provided by the modern Illinois Central. The powered AZL SD70 sells for $189 and is now available. American Z Line items may be purchased from your local hobby shop or direct from American Z Line:

March 17, 2014
Z-scale Great Lakes Models

Made from styrene, Great Lakes Models’ new Z-scale sea wall is flexible enough to form around corners, while maintaining its upright form. Ridges are imbedded in the styrene to provide an authentic and realistic appearance. Sea walls are used to prevent erosion and wear to waterfront properties. Often installed near docks and in industrial areas, Great Lakes Models’ sea wall release (#010 002 300 011) is easy to paint and adds realism to a waterfront scene. Measuring a scale 128-feet in length, Great Lakes Models’ sea wall is 1-1/8 inches high and 7-inches long. Instructions are provided with this $4.96 kit. You’ll see this and additional Great Lakes Models’ releases at the company’s website:

March 7, 2014
HO-scale Broadway Limited Imports

Broadway Limited Imports (BLI) announces an all-new tooling General Electric ES44AC for its HO-scale line. Two versions will be produced, one with Norfolk Southern roof details and another with Union Pacific roof detailing. Perhaps the biggest feature of interest for this new BLI’s ES44AC GEVO will be its ability to produce smoke. BLI will equip its new HO-scale GEVO model with the company’s Paragon2 sound and operation system including variable load-based smoke output.

This six-axle Evolution Series 4,400 hp diesel locomotive is a mainstay of contemporary North American railroad rosters. For its initial release, Broadway Limited will deliver Norfolk Southern examples, plus the popular heritage paints for Central of Georgia, Conrail, Interstate Railroad, Lehigh Valley, Nickel Plate Road, Norfolk Southern (original), Pennsylvania Railroad, and Southern Railway. Union Pacific ES44ACs will be offered with two road numbers. BLI will also deliver undecorated examples for both Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific versions. The model will retail for $329.99.

February 15, 2014
HO-scale Atlas

Last released in 2001, Atlas will offer a new group of AEM-7 electric locomotives for late 2014 delivery. This Master Line series model is based on Amtrak’s 1980 delivered electrics that retired the famous GG1 from regular service. A combined effort of Sweden’s ASEA and America’s Electro-Motive Division of General Motors and passenger car builder Budd, the AEM-7 was a modern electric locomotive designed for high speed service. A total of 47 units were delivered to Amtrak by 1982 with an additional seven added in 1988. Several Northeastern commuter agencies purchased AEM-7 models, including: Maryland’s MARC and Pennsylvania’s SEPTA. The similar ALP-44 was purchased by New Jersey Transit. Amtrak’s AEM-7 fleet is nearly the end of its service life with new ACS-64 models planned for delivery this year.

Atlas’ model will return in late 2014 with a variety of road names. Included in this new production run will be several what if paint schemes. Atlas has selected railroads for its what if offerings that at one time operated electrified service. These colorful new paint schemes are sure to attract modelers and collectors to this new release that might not otherwise be interested in the AEM-7 prototype.

New prototypically accurate schemes and roads will include: Amtrak (as-delivered), Amtrak (Acela scheme), and NJ Transit. Each will have three road numbers offered. Atlas’ new what if AEM-7 roads to be released will include: Great Northern (Empire Builder scheme), Lackawanna, Milwaukee Road, Pennsylvania (silver), and Reading. Each what if series AEM-7 model will include two road numbers.

Atlas’s Master Line Silver offerings will be DCC ready with an NMRA compliant 8-pin plug for easy decoder installation, while Gold offerings will include factory installed DCC decoder and sound system. This is the first time Atlas has offered its HO-scale AEM-7 with factory installed DCC and sound.

The model will feature operating pantographs, die-cast chassis, dual flywheels, operating directional headlights and marker lights, full cab interior with painted crew member figures, separately applied wire grab irons, and AccuMate knuckle couplers. The retail price has not been announced at press time. The release is planned for late 2014 delivery.

February 3, 2014
Books Monte Vista Publishing

Presenting author Gerald A. Zogaric’s photo collection, Monte Vista Publishing has released Logging Locomotives of the West (#20003). This new perfect bound publication includes 112 pages of logging locomotives primarily from locations in the Western United States, plus a few logging and mining railroads in West Virginia and Tennessee. Extensive information accompanies most photos, including: build data, class, ship date, gauge, number of cylinders and size, wheel diameter, fuel type and disposition of the engine. The book illustrates some logging locomotives still in operation, including West Side Lumber Co. Zogaric’s collection presents Shays, Heislers, Climax, and Willamette types. Logging Locomotives of the West sells for $34.95 and includes 112 pages.

Monte Vista Publishing’s library includes a number of railroad related titles. You may view this publisher’s offerings, including information on coming titles, at :

January 31, 2014
HO-scale ExactRail

ExactRail recently previewed a new HO-scale quad hopper model. This contemporary revision to Bethlehem built 3,737 cubic foot coal hoppers adds an 8 inch top chord extension bringing the hauling capacity to 4,000 for the modified car. ExactRail’s new Bethlehem 4,000 hopper model will be offered lettered for Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, and Union Pacific. Five paint scheme variations will be offered that match car number specific details. Flood style simulated coal loads will be offered for these new models. Second quarter 2014 delivery is expected for this new HO-scale ExactRail release. You may check the company’s website for product information and ordering. ExactRail’s previous Bethlehem prototype hoppers include 3,483- and 3,737-cubic foot varieties owned by Burlington, Rio Grande, and other western railroads. Prototype photo illustrations by Blaine Hadfield, courtesy of ExactRail.

January 30, 2014
Blu-Ray Disc & DVD C. Vision Productions

C. Vision Productions presents a truly unique look at history blended with modern railroading in two exciting new releases featuring Norfolk Southern’s Heritage Fleet. Offered in two separately sold volumes, C. Vision presents Norfolk Southern’s collection of 20 locomotives honoring its predecessor railroads in two groups. The second volume includes Norfolk Southern’s executive F-unit fleet in action.

Documented by 25 videographers traveling Norfolk Southern’s 22 state system and beyond, C. Vision Productions’ videos are presented in widescreen (16:9) format on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Both versions retail for an introductory price of $24.95 per volume and running time is approximately two hours per program. Viewer are provided menu option to play each program with or without narration. Regular pricing will be $29.95 per video. You may view previews of each program at C. Vision Productions’ website:

January 29, 2014
HO-scale InterMountain Railway Co.

InterMountain Railway has a new release of HO-scale General Electric U18B diesels available. Road names include: Maine Central, NdeM, Seaboard Coast Line, Seaboard System, Pickens, and CSX. Models will include road specific details, etched metal and wire details, and Kadee couplers. Also available is a Peabody Coal U18B including Lynnville Mine lettering, part of InterMountain’s Famous Image Collector Series.

Two versions are offered for each U18B: standard DC with a $159.95 retail and sound-equipped DCC models retailing for $229.95. Multiple road numbers are available for each scheme. Visit: for additional information and images.

January 28, 2014
HO-scale Walthers SceneMaster

Now available in Walthers’ SceneMaster HO-scale line are Stoughton trailer 2-pack releases. Each set includes a pair of fully assembled trailers that fit most intermodal flat car models. The new offering includes underbody and wheel decorations for improved realism. The Stoughton prototype dates to the 1980s and remains in service today. Walthers offers 45- and 48-foot versions of its HO-scale Stoughton trailer. Each 2-pack offering, retailing for $27.98, includes trailers with different numbers. Four roads are presented on 45-foot trailers: Burlington Northern, Rio Grande with Action Road slogan, Southern Pacific with Golden Pig Service logo, and TOTE (Totem Ocean Trailer Express). Two roads are offered on 48-foot trailers: BNSF with early circle-cross herald and Santa Fe.

Walthers items are available from your local hobby dealer or direct from the manufacturer:

January 24, 2014
HO-scale Hornby-Rivarossi

Here's a first look at test shots of pre-production tooling for the all-new Rivarossi HO-scale U25C models. The model will follow GE's Phase IIIb production appearance and will include road specific details. Attendees to the Amherst Show this weekend will see these shells in person.

See individual images of the various shells at: First Look - Hornby Rivarossi U25C.

January 23, 2014
HO-scale Union Terminal Imports

Union Terminal Imports (UTI) plans a new series of brass Amtrak prototype EMD SDP40F diesel models. The recently announced HO-scale six-axle passenger haulers will include a dozen road numbers spread across two Amtrak paint schemes and two production phases. Two distinctive looks were found on the 1970s-built SDP40F diesels. Original production examples featured a pointed nose, while late production included a flat nose. Amtrak received the first of these diesels in the summer of 1973 decorated in Phase I scheme with red nose, silver body, black roof and large pointless arrow herald on the hood sides. Amtrak revised its look in the late 1970s with wide red and blue bands outlined in white running horizontally around the unit’s mid-section. This paint variation, referred to as Phase II, was applied to SDP40Fs, as seen in the Terry E. Cook illustration from the late 1970s of Amtrak’s Lone Star arriving in Chillicothe, Illinois.

Union Terminal imports plans to provide a mix of production phase and paint variations for its coming Amtrak SDP40F release. Price and delivery for this release will be announced in the near future, UTI is accepting reservations currently on this new offering.

Southern Pacific (SP) fans now have opportunity to reserve HO-scale examples of EMD E9A units, Krauss-Maffei ML 4000, and the road’s rebuilt SD45R diesels. As part of UTI’s extensive 60 unit E-unit project, a trio of Southern Pacific examples is planned for spring 2014 delivery. Late appearance E9A units with skirting removing will be offered in bloody nose scheme with plow pilot and regular pilot, plus 3- and 5-chime horns. Black Widow SP E-units with skirting in place, plus the experimental Halloween scheme orange and black scheme will be offered. For Daylight scheme releases, UTI will have a late appearance version offered with and without spark arrestors matching the preserved No. 6051 residing at the California State Railroad Museum. Prototype image by Gordon Glattenberg, PLA Collection (9010).

Rebuilt at Southern Pacific’s Sacramento General Shops, UTI plans SD45R GRIP HO-scale models in a variety of looks. Early prototype examples will include class lights, mid-production examples will have plugged class lights, and late versions will include no class lights on the nose. SP’s Scarlett red and gray bloody nose scheme will be produced, plus a pair will be dressed in red and yellow Kodachrome SPSF merger scheme with late production details. UTI plans to offer Montana Rail Link and SP late era speed letter examples in the future for this SD45R model.

Finally, the unique to SP Krauss-Maffei ML 4000 will be produced in three variations. This six axle diesel hydraulic was the second Krauss-Maffei locomotive rostered by SP in the 1960s. The prototype was retired in 1968 and later served the road as a special service camera car. An as-build 1964 version will be offered with special commemorative Pacific Locomotive Association (PLA) presentation box. A modernized 1966 appearance ML 4000 will be available, plus a patched 1965-1968 example is planned. The PLA is restoring Southern Pacific No. 9010 at the Niles Canyon Railway ( in Sunol, California. Krauss-Maffei labeled both diesel hydraulics imported in the U.S. as ML 4000 locomotives. The first six, arriving in 1961, included an F- or E-unit like cab and went into service on Rio Grande and Southern Pacific. The 1964 delivered hood unit version was exclusive to Southern Pacific.

Recent Union Terminal releases have included Kansas City Southern’s 1949 Southern Belle passenger equipment, a DODX Heavy-Duty Flat Car, and EMD SDP45. Visit Union Terminal Imports’ website: for a complete list of planned HO-scale brass import releases.

January 22, 2014
N-scale Atlas

Atlas has delivered a new group of N-scale Master Line General Electric Dash 8-40C and wide nose Dash 8-40CW diesel models. The last time Atlas offered this model in May of 2010, it included a $139.95 retail for standard DC examples and $179.95 for decoder-equipped releases. For its new offering, the retail is reduced by $15 for both versions. The standard DC examples in the latest release retail for $124.95 and NCE brand DCC decoder equipped models retail for $164.95.

Atlas has three variations for Dash 8-40CW tooling; each matching the appearance for specific railroad purchases. In the new release, BNSF’s Heritage 3 scheme and Conrail liveries are never before offered Dash 8-40CW models. New road numbers for previously issued CSX YN-2 scheme and Santa Fe SuperFleet paint are also available.

The regular nose/cab Dash 8-40C is offered by Atlas with two production phase specific bodies. New for this model are Canadian National’s 15th Anniversary paint, plus similar regular black, red, and white examples. CSX’s YN-3 scheme is new for Atlas’ Master Line Dash 8-40C in this latest offering. Returning is Union Pacific with three new cab numbers.

Limited edition CSX Spirit of America Dash 8-40CW and General Electric Demonstrator Web. W Morse Dash 8-40C releases are now offered. Each carries a $5 higher retail than the standard issue Atlas Dash 8 diesel models.

The dual flywheel equipped models include separate coupler cut lever, direction lighting featuring white LEDs, and factory-installed AccuMate magnetic knuckle couplers. You’ll find information, images and more at:

January 20, 2014
HO-scale WalthersProto

Walthers is delivering a new release of its early six-axle EMD diesel models: SD7 and SD9. The 1,500 hp SD7 made its debut on North American rails in 1952 and saw 188 examples constructed for a variety of railroads. In 1954, EMD added 250 more horses and introduced its SD9. With more than 500 built, EMD’s SD9 found service on a number of major and minor U.S. operations, plus sold to foreign buyers in Chile, South Korea, and Venezuela. These two EMD offerings marked the beginnings of the manufacturer’s SD or Special Duty series of motive power.

Among the highlights of this latest WalthersProto release are Southern Pacific (SP) examples featuring large ash can type roof mounted signal light. A Scarlett red bloody nose scheme SP SD7 and Black Widow SD9 are offered. The two SP releases are new schemes with new road specific detailing for these two six-axle diesel models.

Other road names for the SD7 include: Baltimore & Ohio, Bessemer & Lake Erie, and Chicago & North Western. New SD9 road names include: BNSF (Cascade green patch), Conrail (black Penn Central patch), and Southern Railway. Walthers’ Proto series HO-scale SD7 and SD9 models are based on tooling first offered under Life-Like’s Proto 2000 name in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Walthers has enhanced these models with variety of interior and exterior improvements, including road specific detailing, new drive mechanism, and DCC and sound options. Two numbers per version are offered by Walthers for each of its SD7 and SD9 releases. Hobbyists are offered one version set up for standard DC operation, retailing for $199.98. The other version includes factory-installed DCC decoder and SoundTraxx Tsunami sound and retails for $299.98. The model’s drive includes flywheels with 14:1 gearing and all-wheel electrical pickup all housed in a die-cast frame.

January 15, 2014
Z-scale Rokuhan

Rokuhan of Japan offers a new controller for model trains that includes many beneficial features. Designed for Z-scale application, the small handheld unit includes the ability to control two turnouts, may run on batteries, and will maintain constant lighting when locomotives are not moving. A successor to the company’s RC02 unit, Rokuhan’s new RC03 has the same maximum output of 10 volts at 800 mA with an automatic digital circuit breaker that cuts power in case of electrical short, plus a built-in fuse for safety. The constant lighting system is controlled using a red labeled ring that is found on the same knob as speed control. This provides power to lighting in locomotives even when not moving, keeping headlights prototypically on at all times. Two toggle switches in the upper left side of the RC03 unit allow the operator to control Rokuhan PC Track switches. A pair of outlet ports on the left side allows users to add more Turnout Switch Controllers (#RKC002; MSRP: $16.70) to handle additional turnouts on a layout. Rokuhan’s RC03 functions on eight AA-batteries or may be powered by a separately sold AC Adaptor (#RKA011U; MSRP: $15.60). Accessory terminals are included on the unit for powering lighting in structures. LED indicators are provided to display power status to the track and system. Rokuhan’s latest RC03 Train Controller retails for $72.95.

Rokuhan is distributed in North America by InterMountain Railway Co. You may view Rokuhan's line at InterMountain's website:

January 11, 2014
HO-Scale Great Lakes Models

Great Lakes Models now offers HO scale concrete barriers designed after four foot V-block prototypes. Concrete barriers came into wide use during the time of the U.S. interstate highway building project of the 1950s. The new Great Lakes Models release is based on a 1990s World Block Company “V Groove” version found in numerous applications beyond roadway usage. Today, similar concrete barriers are common sights in railroad yards, industrial locations, and used for retaining walls and other needs.

Great Lakes’ HO scale concrete barriers are made of lead-free white metal and may be easily painted to replicate typical concrete colored appearance. Available in three different quantities: 4 Concrete Barriers (#020 002 415 010-04; MSRP: $6.56), 8 Concrete Barriers (#020 002 415 010-08; MSRP: $12.30), and 16 Concrete Barriers (#020 002 415 010-16; MSRP: $23.76).

An exact replica of the storm sewer grate located at West Duluth Avenue and South Massachusetts Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is now available in O scale and typical of many examples found around North America. Used for over a century in big cities and small towns, Great Lakes Models offers pre-scored metal Storm Sewer Grates & Inlets (#026 002 415 002; MSRP: $5.13) in a new release that will produce three examples. Assembly is easy and instructions are included with this new Great Lakes Models O scale accessory.

January 8, 2014
HO-scale Wheels of Time

The first release of Wheels of Time’s PC-90 Piggy-packer in HO-scale will deliver in January, 2014. Planned for June, 2014 arrive will be a second set of HO-scale Piggy-packers. Eleven new road names will be presented and will include: Burlington Northern, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Chicago & North Western, Cotton Belt, CP Rail (Action Red), CSX, Demo Red, FWD Wagner, Norfolk & Western, Pennsylvania Truck Lines, and Western Pacific.

Wheels of Time’s FWD Wagner model is based on the company that leases units to railroads for use in intermodal facilities. The Pennsylvania Truck Lines was a contractor to Conrail, Penn Central, and originally Pennsylvania Railroad. All models, with exception of the Demo Red and CP Rail examples, all models are presented in bright safety yellow with railroad heralds on the unit’s sides. Pre-orders are due January 17, 2014 for Wheels of Time’s announced June, 2014 delivery of this $78.99 fully assembled model. The model will include magnets on the underside of the container holding arm and the packer’s arm may be raised or lowered and will remain in various positions. For additional information and images, visit:

January 5, 2014
DVD Railroad Kits

If you’ve never built a Hydrocal structure kit, you’ll see and learn how easy it is to do with this new DVD release from Railroad Kits. Doug Foscale of FOS Scale Models will take the viewer through the steps needed to construct a brick kit made of Hydrocal materials. This kit featured is Railroad Kits’ Fire Station (#EF10; MSRP: $74), which is presented from opening the box to finishing the structure’s appearance with weathering. This 112-minute presentation will discuss and illustrate handling Hydrocal parts, wall preparation and assembly, brick painting and weathering, window painting, applying roofing, plus diorama base and scenery information. Railroad Kits’ new DVD, retailing for $29.95, includes nine chapters for the viewer to instantly access any portion of the program.

Learn more and order from Railroad Kits' website:

January 3, 2014

Now available in Walthers’ Mainline series are four new 50-foot Front Runner with Trailer releases. Two feature 45-foot trailers and two have 48-foot trailers. The models replicate North American railroad prototypes that went into service in the 1980s and 1990s. Walthers’ 50-foot front runner car includes a heavy die-cast metal frame for good tracking performance and rides on correct size 28-inch turned metal wheelsets. The model is equipped with ProtoMAX metal knuckle couplers. The trailers provided with this release are Walthers SceneMaster series 45- and 48-foot examples that feature improved underbody detail and wheel decoration. The four road names presented include: TTOX front runner with early BNSF herald 48-foot trailer, TTOX front runner with Santa Fe 48-foot trailer, TTUX front runner with Rio Grande with Action Road slogan 45-foot trailer, and TTUX front runner with Burlington Northern Innovative Intermodal Service logo 45-foot trailer. These fully assembled and ready to operate HO-scale models retail for $34.98 each.

January 1, 2014
HO-scale FOS Scale Models

Rankin’s Steakhouse from FOS Scale Models is a wedge shaped restaurant kit (#051; MSRP: $89.95). Typical of many flatiron sites in town where roads converged at angles, this structure could be a great focal point for a street scene and provides opportunities for placement of additional skewed buildings surrounding it. FOS Scale Models’ new HO-scale Rankin’s Steakhouse kit includes laser cut clapboard walls and storefront, laser cut sidewalk, roof cards, and color signage. Laser cut roof sign lettering, metal details, and plastic Tichy Train Group ( windows are included. The new release presents a 4 inch by 7 inch footprint when complete.

View additional images and FOS Scale Models' complete product line:

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